Lutfi Law, P.A. represents clients (civilian and military security clearances) throughout the US in all areas of National Security Clearance matters.  


Our national security law firm is available to provide counsel throughout the entire security clearance application, revocation and appeals process, including but not limited to:


  • Pre-Clearance Counseling for SF-86 and DD Form 1879 – We can help identify mitigating circumstances, and assist in drafting answers

  • Preparation for interrogatories and investigative interviews 

  • Preparation of response to the Statement of Reasons  (SOR) and Denial Letters

  • Requests for administrative hearings

  • Representation at post-denial hearings in front of the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, DHS, and all federal courts and government agencies, including document and witness preparation

  • Preparation and representation throughout further appeals

  • Request for investigative file from the Office Personnel Management (OPM)

  • US government security clearance appeals and denials 

  • JPAS queries and red flags


Often times clients are faced with issues that may bring their judgment into question including but not limited to  issue related to alcohol and or  drugs, financial considerations, allegiance to the US, financial allegations, criminal conduct, psychological conditions, misuse of information technology, outside activities-involvement with a foreign government, foreign influence, foreign preference, handling protected information, sexual behavior, and personal conduct.  Our firm assists in finding mitigating circumstances and advocating for our clients to either obtain or maintain their security clearance. 


If you are applying for security clearance or have recently had your application denied or clearance revoked, our Security Clearance lawyers at our Melbourne, Florida Brevard County law firm are available to assist.  We assist clients in all 50 states with security clearance matters.  

We take pride in our security clearance defense work in the Space Coast and security clearance defense work throughout the state of Florida and across the US.


We help advise on the three basic types of security clearances:



  • Foreign employment, immediate relatives and marriages and other personal relationships are screened with scrutiny during the application process.

  • Reinvestigated every 15 years.



  • Requires a National Agency Check, a Local Agency Check and a Credit investigation. Bankruptcy and unpaid bills as well as criminal charges may disqualify an applicant. Poor financial history is the number-one cause of rejection, and foreign activities and criminal record are also common causes for disqualification

  • Reinvestigated every 10 years


Top Secret: Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) & Special Access Program (SAP)

  • Extensive application process and background check known as a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). Investigators scrutinize dependents, friends, relatives and any foreign travel or employment. Foreign travel and financial assets investigated deeply. Character references required.

  • Reinvestigated every 5 years.



Our national security defense law firm is here to discuss your legal issue.  Contact us today.



                          Representing clients in all 50 states with US security clearance defense cases.